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Plexus Energy B.V.

Our Mission:
Biogas plants can contribute to CO2 reduction. And economically producing no red figures!


  • nobody dispences crops in the fermenters to generate energy, while crops are needed as feed- or food products on the open markets.
  • energy is generated from biogenic residues, produced as a waste-stream from industries, agriculture or livestock farming.

Our Vision:
The majority of the biogas plants need food products (maize, beets, etc) to generate energy.
Meanwhile thousands ha of agricultural land are used for energy production!!! This while many people in the world are starving!!
In the Plexus vision, the use of food products is unnecessary and obsolete.

Plexus Energy offers concepts based on:
  • repowered
    existing biogas plants, or new building.

  • biogenic waste streams from industry serving as energy source, and having an essential contribution to the CO2 reduction.

Your partner in Green Earth Bio Energy
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