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Politics missed the climate goals by focusing exclusively on wind and solar energy. As a last resort, they want to refuge to nuclear energy again.

An alternative example is Germany:
Germany wants fully to focus on renewable energy, mainly from solar, wind and biomass, and is currently working on phasing out the share of nuclear energy. Practical disadvantages of nuclear energy are the aging of materials as a result of the radiation, which makes a nuclear disaster one of the real dangers; Dismantling a nuclear power plant costs a fortune (Probably a multiple of the foundation costs); Still no solution has been found for nuclear waste. In addition, by means of the Erneuerbareenergiegesetz (EEG) - Renewable Engergy Law - , Germany has clarified the laws and regulations regarding the use of the infrastructure and the amount of the payments for the energy to be supplied; An example as it could also be regulated in the Netherlands and other countries within the EU for the generation and supply of renewable energy.

Due to the political climate, biogas plants have been pushed further and further into the background. The abolition and restriction of various subsidies makes investing in bioenergy in the Netherlands increasingly unattractive.

Fact is: We all produce thousands of tons of biomass, and we miss the opportunities to do something profitable with it. Biogas plants are necessary as a buffer in addition to wind and solar energy.

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