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Project-based and expert approach

Plexus supports your ambitions from idea to realization.

Usually it starts with an idea, and you would like to discuss it with someone.

Plexus believes in the combination of sustainable techniques for energy production.
Especially "sustainable" is of paramount importance.
Not every technique is suitable for application at every location in the world.
In addition, we attach great importance to techniques that can be applied today in 2022, instead of 5 to 10 years later.

Plexus Energy B.V. works on a project basis, and offers the following services for the establishment of a biogas plant:

  • Quick-scan: At this stage we are determining how repowering or new build might be interesting for your plant.
  • Project proposition: A proposal on how the intended results can be achieved is worked out, based on the gathered information is worked out. In addition to technical aspects the financial perspectives are also considered.
  • Project funding: Before a project is implemented, the project-finance must be arranged. We can help you work the necessary financing so that you can approach your investors with a clear proposal.
  • Project execution: We can arrange basic and detail engineering, purchasing materials, project realization, commissioning and aftercare for you. Budgeting and planning are closely monitored.

All employees are bound to secrecy to protect your and our interests. We value discretion from the very first contact with a (potential) client.
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