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Plexus Energy in the Netherlands

Plexus Energy B.V. (PLE) is a knowledge centre that focuses on bio-fermentation using hydraulic digester technology. Biogas production only makes sense if the following basic considerations are observed:

Biogenic Waste
The focus is on: Green energy from biogenic waste. Waste is everywhere. Some examples are:
  • Waste from the restaurant and hotel branch, or large kitchens in hospitals or care homes.
  • Foods that are spoiled or that are no longer allowed to enter the food chain, for whatever the reason.
  • Shiploads of seeds or vegatables that are damaged during transit and must be regarded as lost for food production.
  • Biogenic waste from paper and cardboard production.
  • Olive cores (leftovers from olive oil production).

Do not use fresh or edible Feed or Food products
PLE has examined existing biogas installations and has come to the conclusion that almost every supplier on the market uses fresh or edible feed or food products to keep the bio-reactor going; A waste of precious resources. PLE has a technology in which the use of market seeds or vegatables such as maize or beets is completely obsolete. Our technology does not require any crops to convert cellulose and even ligno cellulose into a high-quality biogas.

No unnecessarily long supply and discharge routes
In addition, Plexus Energy BV is absolutely not in favour of concepts in which biomass is shipped across half of Europe with a designation a label sustainability, and often heavily subsidized as well.
We believe that you should process biomass in the region where it is actually available.
Experts in Renewable Energy
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